Passport Club Waivers and Forms

The Passport Club is a great way to enjoy the Steamboat Ski area and know you are giving back directly to the Yampa Valley. Passport Club members have funded over 7 million dollars in charitable giving and funds the Yampa Valley Community Foundation operating expenses.

Being a Passport Club member is being a partner in philanthropy.

Current Passport Club members: Please complete the membership form below to renew your membership.
There is currently a wait list for new Passport Club members. Please contact or call 970-879-8632 to be added to the wait list.

2022/2023 Passport Club Membership Form

    Membership fee $6,500

    • June 1, 2022 - $1,500 non-refundable deposit
    • September 1, 2022 - $5,000 balance due
    • Because the IRS does not allow distributions from Donor Advised charitable funds to fulfill payment for memberships, sponsorships or programs which provide benefits, such as the Passport Club, YVCF cannot accept payment from Donor Advised charitable funds for Passport Club membership.

    Please choose your preference:

    One Transferable Silver Medallion

    Two Steamboat Season Passes

    Name on each pass

    Date of Birth for each pass holder:

    License Plate Number:

    Contact Information:

    We will finalize your membership once your deposit has been paid by June 1, 2022 and the required waivers have been signed. Medallion Holders must sign BOTH the Silver Medallion Agreement and the Winter Waiver (leave the space for IKON Pass # blank).
    Steamboat Ski Pass Holders: Each pass holder must sign the Winter Waiver (leave the space for IKON Pass # blank).

    Would you like your name and contact information to be listed in a directory of Passport Club members? (to be shared with Passport Club members and posted in the locker room)

    For more information, questions or to join please contact Traci Hiatt at 970.879.8632 or

    Passport Club 2018-19 photo


    Members opting for the transferrable Silver Medallion members must sign BOTH the Silver Medallion Agreement & Winter Waiver.
    Members opting for the two Steamboat Ski Passes must sign the Winter Waiver (one for each passholder).

    CLICK HERE for Silver Medallion Agreement
    CLICK HERE to complete and sign Winter Waiver online.


    Passport Club members enjoy benefits outside of the traditional ski pass. Above giving back to their community, they enjoy a convenient locker room, parking and much more.

    Stories for the Club

    Being a part of the Passport Club goes beyond enjoying the benefits of the Steamboat Ski Area, it goes to the vitality of the Yampa Valley.