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Giving Circles always welcome new members. As membership grows, so does our capacity to help.

Each year members of the community join together to pool their gifts and learn about the needs of local nonprofits.  Your IMPACT on our community is magnified by collective giving. Each season has four social events each season that include a delicious catered meal* including beer & wine in various beautiful and comfortable locations. Click here for additional details.

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The Women’s Giving Circle of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation seeks proposals on a rolling basis for their year-round granting. Your donation of $250 (or more) is pooled with gifts from all the women in the Giving Circle. Sponsored by Yampa Valley Community Foundation, 100% of your gift is granted to local families and individuals in need.

This group of donors wishes to have an immediate impact toward improving the situation of women, children or the elderly in the Yampa Valley. They request proposals from organizations, schools, and churches who may know of community members who could use a little boost from anonymous “angels” among us.

As a member of the Women’s Giving Circle,  you learn more about current needs in the community and make collective decisions about the most impactful places to grant the pooled funds.

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Make an impact for families in need in the Yampa Valley. For additional information, click here. Giving Circles always welcomes new members.  As membership grows, so does our capacity to help. For more information or how to join call Traci Hiatt at 970.879.8632 or email