The Great Passport Club Clue Hunt

Join Yampa Valley Community Foundation for a morning of fun skiing while raising money for your favorite nonprofit.

Date: Friday, March 31st

Time: 8:30am – Noonish

Where: Steamboat Ski Area

Why: Skiing is fun.  Clues are fun.  Supporting our nonprofits is the most fun!

How it works:

  1. Email the cell phone number you will bring with you while skiing. You can email multiple numbers if you plan to be on a team. We will not share this information.
  2. On game day (March 31st), YVCF will text four clues between 8:30 am and 12 pm.
  3. Use the clues to guide you to special places all over the Steamboat Ski Area. The first person/team to find the clue will win $50 to grant to their favorite Yampa Valley nonprofit.
  4. Be the first to all four clues and grant $200 to favorite nonprofit.
  5. Families are invited to join in on the fun and teams are encouraged! Close the office and decide as a team what nonprofit you will play to support.
  6. Have fun and feel good about doing it.clue-hunt-poster