What inspires you to give?
How do you want to make a difference in the world?

Answering questions like these is the first step toward making your giving more meaningful—both for your personal fulfillment and for the Giving Tippeople and communities you’re working to support.

Whether you are giving $500 or $5 million, donors of all types and sizes – individuals, family foundations, businesses or donor-advised funds – benefit greatly from taking time to reflect on these questions and ensure that your giving reflects your values.

YVCF is a resource to help you identify your philanthropic passions and
make your giving more rewarding:

Connection: Feeling more connected to your charities of choice.

Vision: Having a purpose is motivating and inspires you to take concrete steps to achieve your vision.

Greater Impact: Make a significant impact on things that matter most to you.

Saying No: Helps you say “no” to well-intentioned fund requests — especially among friends. You can filter through requests through the lens of what’s really important to you.

Can YVCF help you reflect on what inspires you to give and where you will focus your philanthropy? Contact Us : info@yvcf.org