As stewards of donor’s gifts, we are committed to ensuring that the charitable objectives of our donors will be met in perpetuity. A key part of this stewardship is prudent investment strategy.

Financial Documents

Previous financial statements and copies of the IRS Form 990 are also available and may be obtained by contacting the Yampa Valley Community Foundation by calling 970-879-8632.


Fee Structure

Each fund at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation shares in the organization’s administrative costs. This administrative fee covers services provided by the Community Foundation. Any costs the Community Foundation incurs in accepting, transferring or managing property donated to a fund shall be paid from that fund.

As a 501(c)(3) Designated public charity, YVCF makes detailed financial reporting and investment practices available to the public. Click here (link to financial reports) to see our financial statements.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports vividly illustrate our vision of a thriving Yampa Valley.