What can we do today that will last a lifetime?

In our world of rapid changes, one may think that nothing lasts forever.

What can we cherish and leave for generations to come that will honor our values forever?

This is the time to think about our ideals and values, the causes that matter to us.

What can help us grow in understanding when we are sad or happy?  What can we build that will help us build our own lives?  Where can we deposit our energy during dark times as well as during sunny days?  Is our soul weary? How do we create a meaningful legacy that will reflect our passions for generations to come?

These are some of the questions we asked ourselves when our daughter passed away suddenly before her 20th birthday when we lived the darkest days of our lives.  We were Sascha’s parents and did not know what we could be or become if she was not with us physically anymore.

It was at that time that we found a way to share the life of our beloved daughter with the help of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.   With Yampa Valley Community Foundation we were able to link Sascha’s legacy to something significant that could make an even bigger impact to help others.

In doing so, we were able to ensure that our family values and passions of today will endure tomorrow.

We share Sascha’s spirit every time a flower blooms in Sascha’s Rock Garden at the Yampa River Botanic Park, every time a visitor sits under the blooming trees, when singers practice before a concert, when young artists perform just like Sascha did at Perry-Mansfield, when a voice is heard, when a child can smile again, when a disabled veteran gets to ski again.

We became a small boat in a big pond, where others like us found meaning and solace, where we found a way to survive through the darkest days of our lives.   We trust that in the days to come many others will learn that through Yampa Valley Community Foundation you can help others and find meaning while perpetuating a life.  What could possibly be more important?

Written by David and Sonia Franzel

Steamboat Springs, CO

David, Sonia, and Sascha skiing at Steamboat.
David, Sonia, and Sascha at Perry-Mansfield.
David and Sonia Franzel enjoying the Yampa River Botanic Park.