$214,100 was awarded to Routt and Moffat County nonprofits

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation (YVCF) has completed their 2018 Community Grant Cycle.  A total of $214,100 will be granted to Routt and Moffat County nonprofits.   This funding comes from three local sources: donor-advised funds (DAF) held at YVCF, the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation via the Passport Club program, and YVCF granting endowments. The Community Grant Cycle reflects YVCF’s desire to be innovative, inclusive and responsive to the needs in the Yampa Valley.

YVCF received applications totaling $265,151. Fifty-two nonprofit organizations received full or partial funding towards their requests.  David Foster, YVCF Board Member and Community Grant Cycle Committee Chair, explained, “2018 was another successful grant cycle for YVCF, with 56 nonprofits applying for grants.  We were able to award $214,100 to 52 organizations, with an increase in available funds largely due to increased donor involvement and contribution.” The granting cycle saw over a $12,000 increase in giving from DAFs from the previous year – a reflection of a growing philanthropic community.

A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle that allows donors to make contributions that are available for an immediate tax deduction and then make recommendations for distribution to qualified nonprofits. Yampa Valley Community Foundation DAF fund holders, Kate and Malcolm Hawk, supported local charitable causes during the 2018 Community Grant Cycle.

“During our more than 35 years in the Yampa Valley, we’ve grown to treasure the beauty of its mountains and its friendly people.  To help support both, in 2004 we set up our Donor Advised Fund at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.  Since then we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of helping to benefit a great many good causes.   Each year, we talk with YVCF representatives who tell us what the major needs of the community are at that time, so we always feel that our donations are being well used,” explained the philanthropic couple.

The following are a few examples of grant requests that were fully funded through the Community Grant Cycle:

Integrated Community


 Integrated Community requested $5,000 for their Resource & Referral services program.  The nonprofit has served as a leader and go-to source for immigrant residents in Routt and Moffat Counties. The Resource & Referral services program responds to the needs of collaborating agencies, providers and the ever-increasing immigrant/limited English speaking population in Northwest Colorado. In 2017, the program grew 50% and in July 2018 its need has increased by 30% due to new families arriving.




SOROCO Preschool in Yampa


SOROCO Preschool in Yampa requested $7,000 to complete installation of a new playground. The YVCF grant was matched by funds from Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation and will provide enough funding to complete the project. SOROCO Preschool provides 36 students with early childhood education in Yampa. The school offers year-round and full day programming so children can receive continuous whole child services and parents can access childcare while they work.





Born Free Wildlife Rehabilitation



Born Free Wildlife Rehabilitation requested $2,000 for frozen jumbo rats to feed eagles, falcons and hawks. This grant will allow the organization to purchase 2,000 rats. Born Free rehabilitates all animals including migrating birds and raptors with the goal to set them free gain. Wildlife rehabilitation is very expensive and the group is entirely funded through donations and grants.




Luttrell Barn Cultural Center


The Luttrell Barn Cultural Center was in 2017 formed with the purpose of restoring the century-old Luttrell Barn for community, heritage, arts and humanities use. The organization requested $5,000 for labor and materials to mill, build and install the gambrel roof cover over the north entrance to the barn.  Covering the north entrance in a visually pleasing, historically similar, and safe way of allowing people to further the safe year-round use of the barn.





Community Assistance Fund

The Community Assistance Fund requested $5,000 for a program to support a rapid response debriefing process following a critical incident, such as a suicide, in order to decrease the effects of trauma on individuals. Research states that suggests that mental health support immediately following a critical incident can drastically improve long-term adaptively and functionality of affected individuals.



One powerful tool to make lasting, impactful community grants is through establishing legacy gifts at the Community Foundation.  Gloria Gossard and Arthur Anderson both established legacies and are members of the Foundation’s Sleeping Giant Legacy Society created to benefit the nonprofits of Northwest Colorado. One grant from the Anderson legacy was used to fund a new satellite equipment for local radio station West Slope FM. The station brings classical music to the Yampa Valley and would not be able to stay on the air without a grant from the Community Foundation.

The 2018 YVCF Community Grant Cycle was open June 1st – July 14th, 2018.  The annual grant cycle is an opportunity for YVCF to educate itself regarding the current needs in the Yampa Valley.  Grant proposals are researched and analyzed by the Grants Committee, which is comprised of local community volunteers and YVCF Board of Trustees members. Grants are awarded to organizations and programs that best demonstrate an impact on community needs.

For a complete list of nonprofits and organizations funded through the grant cycle visit:  https://yvcf.org/non-profits/grants/



How you can help:

  1. Donate to the YVCF Community Grant Endowment to support future grant cycles: https://yvcf.org/forever/
  1. Apply to serve on the 2019 grants committee by emailing emily@yvcf.org.
  1. Join the Sleeping Giant Society by including the Yampa Valley Community Foundation as a beneficiary of a gift from your estate and notify us of your plan. Learn more: https://yvcf.org/donors/legacy/

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation is the primary source for philanthropic resources and education for both donors and nonprofit organizations in Northwest Colorado. We promote thoughtful, individualized charitable giving and create endowments that have meaningful impact in the Yampa Valley. In all that we do, the Yampa Valley Community Foundation operates with the highest integrity. We are the gold standard in client services and a trusted resource to the community. Our work is impeccable, impactful and transparent to those we serve.